Avoid Obvious Statements

Don’t start your sentence with just some kind of weak obvious statements okay for example this year’s Summer Games is being held in Rio okay um actually – I mean technically if you want to think about it is the Summer Olympics but it’s but it’s winter in Brazil isn’t it right so are these actually are these actually the Winter Olympics if it’s winter in Brazil did I just blow your minds utter you can you can you can discuss your opinion of that in the chat is this the Winter Olympics or not okay so don’t start the sentence with just a kind of obvious fact it’s not very interesting your reader will you’ll lose the reader right away.

He’ll be sleeping on the sofa like this okay so you want to give them something else but another thing you want to avoid is questions okay many times students feel like they have to start the essay with a question like have you ever have you ever had a dream for example I don’t know why I wrote that but this kind of things sometimes students think it’s a good way to engage the reader to ask this question but for me personally I think it’s too common okay people do it too much so it’s it’s lost its power it doesn’t have any any punch anymore to ask a question and it’s a little bit too informal to speak directly to the reader it’s very very familiar like your friends okay so I wouldn’t I would not start my essays like this okay so how do you start the essays right okay so yes a couple people are a little bit a little bit ahead of me here but that’s right Cory hi yeah so avoid questions you don’t want to start with questions.

I don’t know why I’m should be wagging my finger at you guys yeah okay so how do you make it nice how do you make it nice sentence well let me just show you a simple one okay on the topic of athletes and and the drugs okay for many professional athletes the temptation to take performance-enhancing drugs can be almost impossible to resist very nice look at that so that’s that’s fine okay now the problem that a lot of students have with that opening sentence is they want something that will just blow everybody’s mind they want a sentence that will that will blow the reader’s mind right something amazing with by works and and if people will just be like wow that’s the most amazing sentence I’ve ever seen but you don’t need to write the most amazing sentence anyone has ever seen this is fine I wrote this it’s not amazing but it’s fine okay and why is it fine it’s fine for two reasons in my opinion if you if you don’t think this is a good opening sentence put that in the chat – that’s fine you can disagree with me I love I love opinions.