Interpretation Of Your Work

The important thing in the conclusion to describe again what you have done mention again what was novel what you implemented how you valuated that and the conclusion that you draw from this evaluation so what is your interpretation of the experimental evaluation you should have that in the experimental evaluation but you want to kind of repeat the key elements in there and you may even want to describe what’s out there what’s next how can we even improve that what the future work what haven’t we addressed which of the assumptions we have not addressed but which one investigate in the future so this was kind of the structure of a paper as well for a thesis so if you take a good bachelor thesis master’s thesis PhD thesis it’ll typically follow this structure. Learn more about this kind of structure at Edusson.

PhD series maybe not because it’s too large it’s broken up into different chunks but then the different chunks are typically organized in this way you can see it’s like an Oracle approach okay now we just have described what we want to do and how we should describe that now some things about style so these are things which things one should do or should not do in order to make the better the paper better readable and a stronger paper which is easier to access which is clearer more clearly written and is more appealing to read so the first thing is use strong verbs so example is for example it replace the sentence like we made use of categorization by we categorize so we can use a wave form and you write that because there to be multiple authors even if you’re a single author I typically use them we in academic writing so make sure that you don’t say one solution to this problem could be to investigate how we may solve this system of linear equations.

That’s not what you want to read in a paper you want say we solve this system of linear equations by whatever just sports to Leske decomposition so you want to make a clear statement how the problem in solve is not how one might may could solve that problem be very explicit use very clear language when you write what you have done it’s also very helpful if you can provide examples so if you want to express something which is difficult to understand give a very short example and then say how the solution solves this example often it’s useful to start is a small example and then kind of derive your way on how your method based on the explain it based on the example that typically helps when you read that don’t use until unless again you have really good reason to do that parentis this footnotes footnotes both characters antha ization say if you emphasize every second word or every every one word per sentence there’s nothing to emphasize when something is really important so don’t use it too much.