Decorate Like a Stylist with These 5 Easy Tricks

If you’ve done any home decorating of your own (or happen to have a threat-level orange Pinterest addiction), you know that putting together a great room is like putting together a great outfit it’s the unexpected touches and finishing details that make it work.

Of course, trying to figure out those touches and details can be trying, difficult and, in the end, expensive.

Here to the rescue are five styling tricks that are not only easy and inexpensive to implement, but are also pre-vetted by those in the know, and therefore nearly foolproof. Who knew you don’t have to be an actual stylist to pull off some stylist-level home wizardry?

Here we go!

  1. Look down

When adorning walls, the natural tendency (and one I’m hugely guilty of) is to decorate at eye-level, leaving the bottom half of the wall empty. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if you want to do like the pros, try giving the bottom of the wall some love. A gallery wall extended all the way down, with frames leaning against the wall (try either on the floor, atop stack of books, or resting on a low bench), looks pretty amazing. You’ll never stick to just eye-level art again!

  1. Fancify your couch

Sometimes a room has to be oriented so that when you walk in, you face the back of the couch. It’s not ideal backs of couches tend to be pretty boring and not so pretty to look at but often there’s just no way around it. Unless you want to live without a tv (blasphemy!) or move windows or a fireplace (impossible!), you need to make do. If this is your lot in life, try tossing a throw blanket over the back of the couch. Voila! You have an inexpensive disguise and a great way to bring in color and texture.

  1. Think asymmetrical

A lot of times, things look great centered. But if you’re dealing with a room that looks a little too perfect and could use a dose of the slightly unusual, try playing with the orientation of big items, like your TV or a large piece of artwork. Skewing them off-center, to one side or the other, seems like it shouldn’t work, but it can actually be just what the room doctor ordered.

  1. Camouflage your TV

TV screens are total eyesores. But they’re also total necessities. And in my book, the bigger the better. I want to feel like I’m literally in the lab making meth with Walter. Or in the servants kitchen assisting Mrs. Patmore. Or in Dons office sitting down to drink my liver inoperative. And the only way to do these things properly is via a giant, delicious TV. But back to the eyesore point, TVs are pretty ugly. To combat this, treat it as part of a gallery wall (yes, sorry, more gallery wall action), which will help to camouflage it and diffuse some of the focus. Brilliant, right?

  1. Work in a console

There’s something forbidden about pushing your couch up against a window. It must be really, unspeakably bad, because stylists never do it. What they do instead is put a console between the couch and the window. And then they style the console with lamps, books, frames, plants, and covetable objects galore. Not surprisingly, it looks pretty great and is a clever way to both ground a room and open it up at the same time (did your brain just explode?).