Brass: It’s Not Just for Knuckles Anymore!

Don’t get me wrong. Silver is a lovely metal. When incorporated into a room (or outfit), it brings a clean, bright, modern feeling that you can’t really achieve any other way. In my mind, it’s the palate cleanser of metals, and thats a lovely, lovely thing.

But sometimes, a palate cleanser just won’t do. Sometimes, you want that palette dripping with warmth, luxury, and character. Except if you’re me, sometimes is basically all the time: gold kitchen hardware (and appliances!), gold pendant lights, gold-trim bar carts, and the list in my head goes on and on. I must have some leprechaun in my ancestry, because Im the first to admit I’m a little obsessed with this fine metal. Not to say I don’t opt for silver here and there, but in my world, just like at the Olympics, gold takes the cake.

When it comes to the various tones of gold that are in vogue on the home decor scene, my allegiances tend to ebb and flow. Sometimes rose gold hits the spot, other times its copper that grabs my attention. But lately, I can’t get enough brass. Deep, shiny, delicious, perfect brass.

What makes brass so lovable? Approximately three things:

  1. It looks drop dead amazing against gray. And we love our gray, don’t we.
  2. Its interesting and unexpected. And therefore makes any room more interesting and unexpected.
  3. A little goes a long way. And a lot goes an even longer way.

Heres some brass in action I would more than happily live in any of these spaces!

 Ok Ill stop there, but just know that I could throw pictures of enviable brass rooms at you all day long if I wanted to. And while I do sort of want to, I’ll cut us all a break and instead jump to some pieces you can (and probably should) go buy now to inject your home with a dash of oh-la-la brass. Which one is your fav?