Going to Religious School Whem You`re Not Religious

Most private schools in the country are founded on a specific religion. These schools are supposed to represent a higher level of education, just because they have small class sizes and cost more money to attend. Some of the best online colleges are religious in nature, which may be hard for those of you who aren’t religious at all. Is it possible to go to a Christian college or Catholic university without actually following the faith the school was founded on? Indeed it is.

For the most part, religious colleges try to make their curriculum as secular as they can. Most degree programs involve some form of science or math that cannot be linked to religion in any way. Thus the courses cannot be biased from a religious aspect. For instance, it is hard to pull a lot of religion into a nursing degree because the program teaches how to heal people. There may be some hints about a deity bringing luck to a patient, but for the most part, the information is factually based.

Most of the religious aspects of a college like this will involve special classes you can take or special clubs you can be involved in. You shouldn’t be required to pray on command or raise money for a church if you choose not to. My husband was worried about that when he looked into a Presbyterian college because he is non-religious, but the academic adviser informed us that he would be able to attend class without having to worry about religious discussions. You don’t have to be concerned about that in the slightest.

There is a catch to all of this though, and you need to be aware of it. For the most part, religious colleges will accept religious applicants. If you are atheist, agnostic, or something else along those lines, you may not want to indicate that on your application.

I’m not suggesting that you deny your lack of faith. I’m a freethinker myself. All I’m saying is that you may not want to scream the fact that you lack religious faith on your application. The admissions department may not be too fond of the idea that you do not follow the religion of the school. Luckily, they can’t prove that you aren’t religious. They’ll never know.

Going to a campus-based religious school is a lot harder than going to one online. If you go to school online, you do not have to be surrounded by people of a different belief. You can still hang out with your non-religious friends, and you can do your course work just like you would with any other college. If you have to go to a traditional university, you just have to make sure you remain polite and open minded with everyone you talk to. You don’t have to maintain the same beliefs to be able to get along with people.

If you know that you are going to get the best education possible from a religious university, do not be afraid to attend it – no matter what your beliefs are. If you happen to find a secular school that will provide a sound education without the religious influence, you can keep that in mind too. The internet has so many unique opportunities available to you. All you have to do is take them up. Stay true to whatever your beliefs are, and you should find a school that will work for you.

Good Study Tips for writing essay

How to Stop Procrastination

The famous “P” word! The word is procrastination, and it can kill the best of good study tips. It helps to get some awareness about why you might procrastinate. One possibility is that the subject before you (like studying math when you love literature…) seems disconnected from your goals. When we change our viewpoint and see all of our studies as a step towards our most important long term goals, it makes life a little easier. Your mind won’t be working against its own resistance. It can be equally effective to see the completion of homework as the quickest path to a relaxing night out, if you have one lined up. The point is to re-frame the situation from the inside out.

It will also become easier to avoid procrastinating if you break huge projects down into manageable tasks over a period of time. You don’t have to reach the summit today- just keep moving!

Another possible reason for procrastination is “fear of failure”.  It may not be obvious at first glance, but think about it. If we are perfectionists, we can avoid doing something that isn’t perfect by not doing anything at all! If that is a possibility for you, just remind yourself that nothing is perfect, you can improve most projects as you go along, and that we are all on a learning curve of some kind. Now jump in and get those projects started!

Writing service gives here  one of the good study tips for pushing procrastination away. If you have already started studying and find yourself wanting to break away, give yourself recognition that at least you caught it before you mindlessly wandered off task. Keep a digital timer on your desk or on your wrist. If you want to break away from your studies, commit to 10 more minutes of study first. Hit the start button, and hold your course for 10 more minutes, (or whatever time works for you). You’d be surprised how effective it can be to fight off procrastination and keep your study momentum going…

Keep Fit!

The bottom line is that keeping your body healthy and fit will help your mindset too! We are all born with different bodies. Take the one you have and give it as much good nutrition and exercise as you can. Those with inborn strength or recent athletic training may be able to skimp on this for a while, and others may have to nurture their health carefully every day. Remember that all the good study tips you apply will be more effective when you have given your body what it needs. The time you set aside for study will be used more efficiently if you take the time for fitness and health.

Cool Tools You Can Use

When you set up your workspace, gather your needed items around you so you don’t have to break away while studying. Try online writing services that helps students with writing and editing. If you are off to the library or another location to study, you can stash most of the essentials in your backpack. You can look at this list and see which ones you might need: colored pens & pencils, notepads, colored highlighters, tape, stapler, sticky pads, paper clips, scissors, rubber bands, 3X5 cards, sorting desk trays, and file folders.