Good Study Tips for writing essay

How to Stop Procrastination

The famous “P” word! The word is procrastination, and it can kill the best of good study tips. It helps to get some awareness about why you might procrastinate. One possibility is that the subject before you (like studying math when you love literature…) seems disconnected from your goals. When we change our viewpoint and see all of our studies as a step towards our most important long term goals, it makes life a little easier. Your mind won’t be working against its own resistance. It can be equally effective to see the completion of homework as the quickest path to a relaxing night out, if you have one lined up. The point is to re-frame the situation from the inside out.

It will also become easier to avoid procrastinating if you break huge projects down into manageable tasks over a period of time. You don’t have to reach the summit today- just keep moving!

Another possible reason for procrastination is “fear of failure”.  It may not be obvious at first glance, but think about it. If we are perfectionists, we can avoid doing something that isn’t perfect by not doing anything at all! If that is a possibility for you, just remind yourself that nothing is perfect, you can improve most projects as you go along, and that we are all on a learning curve of some kind. Now jump in and get those projects started!

Writing service gives here  one of the good study tips for pushing procrastination away. If you have already started studying and find yourself wanting to break away, give yourself recognition that at least you caught it before you mindlessly wandered off task. Keep a digital timer on your desk or on your wrist. If you want to break away from your studies, commit to 10 more minutes of study first. Hit the start button, and hold your course for 10 more minutes, (or whatever time works for you). You’d be surprised how effective it can be to fight off procrastination and keep your study momentum going…

Keep Fit!

The bottom line is that keeping your body healthy and fit will help your mindset too! We are all born with different bodies. Take the one you have and give it as much good nutrition and exercise as you can. Those with inborn strength or recent athletic training may be able to skimp on this for a while, and others may have to nurture their health carefully every day. Remember that all the good study tips you apply will be more effective when you have given your body what it needs. The time you set aside for study will be used more efficiently if you take the time for fitness and health.

Cool Tools You Can Use

When you set up your workspace, gather your needed items around you so you don’t have to break away while studying. Try online writing services that helps students with writing and editing. If you are off to the library or another location to study, you can stash most of the essentials in your backpack. You can look at this list and see which ones you might need: colored pens & pencils, notepads, colored highlighters, tape, stapler, sticky pads, paper clips, scissors, rubber bands, 3X5 cards, sorting desk trays, and file folders.